Health Education Evangelism & Mission Ministry

REVELATION OF H.E.²M.² is also a ministry of mission service to fulfill the commission given to us by our Lord and Creator to benefit where we can showing that God’s abundant grace and provisions are for the well being of mankind and are available to all, whether they are rich or poor. God has provide for the basic needs of all in the simple elements of natural when properly utilized.

Our philosophy is that if a person can eat they can be healthy, they must only learn to use the simple means around them to effectively have good health.

We petition you to help us in accomplishing this commission by contributing financially to our ministry that we may be able to carry out mission projects that we have been requested to fulfill. The locations we go to in the 3rd world are not able to supply our expenses to come to them, therefore we ask you our brothers and sisters who are able financially to contribute to our expenses here in the U.S. in order to be able to send missionaries and go abroad for mission service.

Our current projects we are looking to fund are for work in:

  • we need finances to support at least 2 missionaries to go for one month, airfare, room and board
  • the request from the Pastor’s wife there in Trujillo is for someone to teach vegetarian lifestyle, cooking classes and health education to the church members and community
  • the missionaries would also be teaching natural remedies and simple treatments that could be done in the home
  • this trip would be preparatory to sending a larger team the following year
  • expense per missionary is projected to be $2,500 USD

The Pozos de los Ramos Church outside of Piura, Peru this entire congregation committed to become vegetarian after our meetings with them.

A little bit goes a long way here, their houses are made of dried cornstalks.

The people are so incredibly eager to hear and learn.

Las Vegas, Peru

Las Vegas Church

Las Vegas church members

Teaching simple remedies

Blending soy or nuts for Tofu & Milk

Learning to make Nut Milks for a healthier substitute than cow’s milk

The process of making tofu to replace flesh meat

The finished product, homemade tofu is sooo much taster than store bought!
These are photos from our last trip to Piura, Peru

Please contact us if you would like a cooking class or lifestyle education in your church or community.